(10 am - 2 pm) or (2pm - 6pm)

The Birthday Party Tunnel is available from (10 am - 2 pm) or (2pm - 6.pm) Full Day Hire also available.

  Unique Experience - Kids & adults love the unique tunnel atmosphere. 

   B.Y.O - B.B.Q area outside  tunnel - Included in price. 

  Serving & Prep area  - Out of reach of kids but easy access for adults. 

   Location  - In the heart of the park but still a private space. 

Other Party Options.

2. Party Hut Area Large Group Space €30

Another great party area option for groups to use which want somewhere to keep their stuff dry.

3. Lodge Party & B.B.Q Area €40 / €70

We have a great covered in space beside the shop area which has a built-in B.B.Q which can be used during your party. This area can be rented for either €40 for half the space & 1 B.B.Q OR the entire space for €70 which includes 2 B.B.Q areas. There is lots of picnic benches & space for people to hang out with each other whilst at the heart of the park.

4. Party Island N/A UNTIL SUMMER €50

A unique party area in the heart of the Rathbeggan Lakes. The area is accessed through a bridge onto the party island area. This area is away from the busy parts of the park and is a great area to hang out with friends & family surrounded by water.

Bounce Zone 5. Bouncy Castles €5

The Bounce Zone is a big hit for birthday parties especially with children from 3 - 10 years. There are a number of party options available in the area.

Bounce Zone
Bouncy Castles

Bounce Zone

The bouncy castle area will be a big hit with all your party guests. Children from 3 - 10 years love the bouncy castles & slides in this area. There is a number of different packages available so its best to choose a package that suits your needs & budget. It is advised to book well in advance as this area is very busy during the summer season.

Party Island

Party Island

Enjoy a unique area in the heart of Rathbeggan Lakes. This area is accessible over a wooden bridge & is surrounded by water. Perfect place to hang out with adults & kids. This is a great fishing area and guests have a unique fishing spot to enjoy as part of their day. Please note people using the zip line come down of the zip in this area & exit immediately from the area.

Full / Half Day Lodge Area
Covered in area
40 / 70
2 B.B.Q'S

Full / Half Day Lodge Area

The entire space is available for you and your party guests. This includes the use of the 2 B.B.Q units. If you only need half the space, this can also be arranged for €40 & includes the use of 1 B.B.Q units. The area has 4 benches in each of the 2 sections which will seat approx 6/8 per bench depending on age. Located in the heart of the park.

Party Hut & Space
Space to hold your party dry.
Large groups

Party Hut & Space

Ideal for groups who are on a budget who need space and a covered-in space to hold their party stuff & store if the weather changes during the day. The space around the party-hut & picnic tables can be used as part of the cost. This is a lovely space located beside one the small Rathbeggan Lakes which is a perfect relaxing backdrop to the area. N.B - NO ALCOHOL ALLOWED.