Get Your Blood Pumpin' - It's time to challenge yourself. 

Rathbeggan Lakes Adreneline Zone

The High Kings Tower is a challenge for the older kids in the family from 6- 7 years & older.  

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The zipline at rathbeggan lakes is one for the trill seakers

Zip Line Across Rathbeggan Lake.


  Suitable age for Zipline  - Approx 6-7 years & older. Height - 1.1metres 

  Height & Length of Zipline -12 metres ( Height) 169 metres long. 

  Gear Worn - Helmet and Harness.

All Aboard

  Height Of Pole to platform - 8 metres. 

  Number of people on small platform - 4

  Safety Gear Worn - Helmet and harness. 

Rathbeggan Lakes climbing tower wall

The Climbing Wall

  Height of climbing wall - 10 metres & 3 climbing lanes. 

   Suitable Age - (approx 6-7 ) - 1.1 metres height restriction. 

   Safety Gear Worn - Helmet and harness


Leap Of Faith

  Height Of Leap Platform - 8 metres. 

  Distance of Leap - .5 metres - 2 metres depending. 

  Safety Gear Worn - Helmet and harness. 

Jacobs Ladder

   Giant-sized ladder suspended - from two 12m poles.

   Safety Gear Worn - Helmet and harness

   Rungs of this giant ladder are - spaced approx 5ft apart. 


  Height Min & Max amount of Players-  8 -12 players. 

  Suitable Age - 5 upwards. 

  Length Of Game - 20 mins. ( 30 mins games available)