The Lakes - Fun for all the family. 

WATER ZONE area at rathbeggan lakes


    Swan Paddle Boats- A great time for all the family to enjoy together. 

   Water Rollers - Great fun for children aged 3 - 12 years. 

   Fishing - From novice to expert we've got you covered. 

   Walkways - Enjoy the beautiful sounds & views along the  walkways. 

  Resident Ducks- Keep an eye for our resident ducks & lots more birds. 

  Obstacle Course - A great challenge for kids of all ages & adults too!

The Swan paddle boats, water rollers & fishing are part of our "paid activities" in the park and you can read more about them in the sections below. 

The obstacle course is located the far side of the big lake and is only a short walk from the Swan Paddle boat area. The obstacle course is perfect for children of all ages and is a big hit with the adults too!

It's a great activity to encourage your children to do something they may think they are not capable of doing & can enjoy the achievement when they complete it. There is loads of space around the area so why not set your self up nearby on one of the picnic tables and enjoy the quieter side of the park. This activity is free to use & is available from 10 AM - 6.45 PM daily.

Throughout the park, you will meet many of our resident ducks who love to wander around the entire park knowing that they are likely to pick up some tasty morsels from our visitors.  

Swan Paddle Boats

Swan paddle boats at Rathbeggan lakes Co. Meath

The Swan Paddle Boats are a big hit with all the family & only cost €5 per boat and you get 10 mins on busy days & 20 mins on the quieter days. As the boats are paddle boats, an older child or adult is needed to peddle the boat. Life jackets are worn by all persons young or old. Respecting the safety of yourself & other Swan Paddle boat customers is required as this activity involves water.

Water Rollers

Rathbeggan Lakes Water rollers

The water rollers are a big hit with children between the ages of 3 - 12 years. Running around the water without getting their feet wet is always a great thrill to them. Up to 2 people can use them at the same time and the cost is €4 per person.
All customers must take off their footwear before entering the water rollers which have a rope tied to them which is anchored at the bank of the lake.


Rathbeggan Lakes is a great place for kids to learn how to fish as the lake is easy to access without any need for walking too far making it easy to keep the family together whilst the family visits the park. We also cater for the fisherman who likes to fish in a lake where the chances of catching a fish a lot higher than the average lake due to the lake being a stocked lake.
The expert fisherman will feel at home also when the park is in "offseason mode" leaving the park very quiet and ideal for fishing in a much more quiet environment.